Hunter Valley Weather & Climate

Vineyard Views

The climate in the Hunter Valley is mild and characterised by four very distinct seasons. Some areas of New South Wales can meld the seasons with consistently moderate weather year round. The Hunter Valley however doesn't do things by halves so there is no mistaking what season you're in. This is not to say that the weather is extreme by any means.

Whatever the season, the Hunter Valley turns on a show - and what a show it is! The region is unique in that each season is significant in one way or another. Summer is harvest time, an exciting time for the region and its wine growers, autumn is a striking time of year as the foliage turns an enchanting orange brown hue and blankets the landscape in a kaleidoscope of colour, winter is a time for comfort with both food and warm fire places and spring is a time for nature's rebirth of the vines and anticipation for the upcoming harvest.

Summer is warm and pleasant time of year with an average daily temperature of 21C. Summer time is also harvest time and is a bright, vibrant and busy time of year. The sense of excitement around summer time is obvious, almost tangible. As summer transitions to autumn, the vine leaves turn a warm orange brown hue turning the region into a festival of colours.

As the winter months progress temperatures drop to an average of 18C with the weather rarely getting any cooler than 4C. The country setting lends itself to this type of weather perfectly with visitors drawing in for the night to find comfort in wonderful, warm food and a cosy spot in front of the fireplace. As the weather begins to warm up again, spring brings with it a wonderful sense of new life as the foliage turns green again and healthy new shoots appear on the vines. The anticipation for the harvest in summer also begins to ramp up with the spring weather.

Climate Detail

Summeraverage maximum temperatures between December and February range from about 27 degrees Centigrade (81F) along the coastline to 30C inland (86F).
Spring(September through to November) max temperatures from 21 to 25C along the coastline (70 to 78F), 22 to 27C inland (72 to 81F).
Autumn(fall) (March through to May) max temperatures from 26 to 21C along the coastline (79 to 69 degrees F), 27 to 21 degrees C inland (81 to 69F).
Winter(June through to August) temperatures range from 17 to 18C along the coastline (63 to 65F), 18 to 19C inland (64 to 67F).